Upgrading versions and loading modules without ppm

In the past we used

ppm profile save C:\profile.xml

to save a list of the other modules we had installed. We then used

ppm profile restore C:\profile.xml

to load them after upgrading versions.

Now that there is no ppm, is there a way with the state tool to load all our other modules?


This feature is already planned for State Tool and will be implemented shortly. We will also add support for importing cpanfile and metadata.json files as well to populate your package list. Look for Perl-related announcements from ActiveState in your email in the coming weeks.

I just downloaded PERL to my new computer and need to load the packages dowloaded on my old computer using PPM. Has the State Tool feature to do this been implemented yet?

Hi IvanH,

cpanfile and metadata.json import feature has been released, but PPM profile import is still in progress. I will follow up with the team and find out when it will be available. Stay tuned…

In the meanwhile, you can use state packages import --file command to try out the other file formats.


This new work flow is KILLING ME !!!

All I want to do is install a pre-compiled module and now I have to go through a thousand hoops and even register for an account AND learn a completely new workflow… JUST TO INSTALL a module ???

At least leave the legacy PPM in place so that the 100,000 web guides still work!!!

One of the KEY reasons I want to use Activestate Perl is the simplicity of pre-compiled modules and not need to get a compiler setup just to include a module !!!

Whilst I have been an engineer and a programmer for over 35 years I am getting tired of the ever increasing complexity of doing even the simplest tasks in the name of “progress” !!!

Even your older version now forces me to use the new methodology even though your state it wouldn’t.

How do I get PPM back !!??? PLEASE!!!

Unfortunately, a lot has changed since PPM was created in the late 1990s, and the “best-before” date for PPM was in 2012 or so.

Maintaining PPM requires three components that have been EOL and unsupported by their manufacturers for five years or more now. One of the basic design concepts in the implementation of the PPM client is now classified as malware. And, many of the old PPM clients can’t be used if the servers don’t allow SSL connections, so in the last month, those clients are no longer able to make direct connections. In short, the ecosystem isn’t sustainable, even if we tried.

OK, but you yourself (i.e. ActiveState) say that there are features removed and not implemented yet but still removed the older methods. Add to that numerous issues I have signing in, coupled with an now completely overly complex cloud based solution requiring logins etc… simply to update a package, it is insane.

Anyhow, I found a quick and simple solution… uninstalled ActiveState and installed Strawberry. Problem solved. CPAN still works.