TCL code place issue when opening DeDRM

I’ve installed ActiveState Python and PyCrypto, but the DeDRM Windows application won’t run.

I searched and got the answer:
" There’s a bug in the some older ActiveState Python Windows installers that puts the Tcl code in the wrong place. Just move the Tcl code to the correct place manually and the Windows app should run."
And it give the url :

But I can’t open the url now.

Anyone knows how to move the Tcl code to the correct place ?

I’ll look up that link for you. I’m fairly sure it’s not what your problem is though.

Hey @Run2020 I think that “Tcl code in the wrong place” issue was resolve by moving Tcl from a tcl directory to a lib directory. So if you had C:/Python/tcl/tcl8.5 it’d need to move to C:/Python/lib/tcl8.5

The affected build was ActivePython-, from 2015. Versions older than were not affected, and the problem was corrected in builds from 2017 and forward. We don’t make any of the affected builds available any longer. If you’re having that problem in a current version, the issue will not be the same.

What you are probably missing is the Tkinter module. That would result in a similar error. Check the Configuration pane of the build you are using to see if Tkinter is included. For example:

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