ActiveTcl install script (please-run-the-install-script)

Hi. I hope this is a simple question. I installed ActiveTcl using the Windows msi (ActiveTcl- The installation seemed to work, but in the ActiveTcl\lib\ file there are 6 instances of variables that are not well defined. Instead. they have text something like:
Okay… so where is the install script? Has the installation not been configured properly? Having these variables ill defined creates problems with compiling other systems (Tcl package for Perl, for example). Or… is it possible that there is no Windows installer script, and that I have to figure out how to edit these variables manually?

Thanks in advance for the help.

Never mind. I was able to edit the configuration file manually and got it to work so that I could compile the Tcl module for Perl. Still, it would be wise for ActiveState to modify their scripts for ActiveTcl for Windows so that these variables are properly set in the future.

Those are supposed to be set as part of the relocation script that the MSI installer runs. Will look into that to see what’s going on there.

Is this issue likely to be addressed? A colleague and I separately had the same problem and had to manually edit the config file. I don’t think our end users would easily be able to do that. We are also attempting to use the Tcl package for Perl which is not possible without the manual edit.


We have the issue tracked, so it will get looked at, but I’m not sure which sprint it will get scheduled.

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