Error uninstalling ActiveTCL

Tablet running Windows 10 with ActiveTCL installed on D:, a micro SD card with 2 GB free. I want to reinstall in another folder. (Note: Microsoft upgrades cannot use this drive.) Thanks.

Hi @JustCurious! Thanks for writing!

As I understand it, CONFIG.MSI is usually created at the start of an install process and is deleted at the end of the process. If the process fails, then the CONFIG.MSI folder may remain.

Can you check if CONFIG.MSI already exists on drive D? If the folder does exist, it’s likely hidden. You can show hidden files by following these instructions:

  1. Open My Computer
  2. Click on Tools, Folder Options
  3. Click on the View tab
  4. In Hidden Files and Folders select Show Hidden Files and Folders
  5. Click Ok

If the folder doesn’t exist, try manually creating a folder called CONFIG.MSI at D:\ (and let me know if that works or not).

If the folder does exist, rename the folder to something like 2021-09-13-OLD-CONFIG.MSI and try running the install process again.


Hi zakg,
Thank you. Creating the folder myself worked. It doesn’t appear to have been used - empty before, during, and after the program removal. Reinstall was fine.

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Hey! Glad that it worked. It’s strange that it worked… but I’m still happy that it worked. :smiley:

Strange indeed! Thanks for your help.