How can I use ActiveState to compiler tcl file?

As the topic, I intallered ActiveState, but it can`t compiler the tcl file.


Welcome to the ActiveState Community! With respect to your question, can you please provide some more information, such as:

  • What are you trying to do with Tcl 8.6.12?
  • Specifically, what is failing for you? Please share some of your code and the errors you are seeing.

If you’re new to Tcl, a good place to begin is with the Tcl community, which has lots of good resources to help you get started.

The Tcl Compiler was part of a separate product; the ActiveState Tcl Dev Kit.

We discontinued the Dev Kit in 2016. Current versions of ActiveTcl are not compatible with old copies of the the Tcl Dev Kit.

Also, the Tcl Compiler probably does NOT do what you think it does. The only reason for converting Tcl to Bytecode was to obfuscate the source code. That worked well until someone wrote a Python script to reverse Tcl bytecode and posted it to Sourceforge. Since then, any Tcl code that has been obfuscated can be completely reversed back to the original Tcl code. If you think you are protecting your code with bytecode, you are not, and should use a different way to protect it.

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