Tklib repo for compilation of tk86t.dll

Hello all,
I need tcl/tk 8.6.10 in 32bit flavour. I noticed that from your site there’s only x64 binaries ready to go.
I found Tcl repo in your github, but I cannot get the tk repo. I cannot compile the official tcl/tklib repo, it seems to not compatible.
Where can I find the ActiveState tklib repo? thanks in advance.

Hi @johnnyontheweb - I’m checking in with the team about the availability of 32-bit builds for Tcl and will get back with you once I have some info.


Thanks, looking forward for it.
In any case, tklib is not forked by ActiveState? Or am I missing something?

There is no ActiveTcl repo, and there won’t be an ActiveTcl repo because there will not be an ActiveState fork.

In 2016, we changed our approach, and we have been using unforked versions of the source code as provided by the community. The same Tcl/Tk source you can download, and the same code for Tklib as you have, is what we will use for our 8.6.10 release.

Since we don’t fork, an number of features that used to be exclusive to ActiveTcl have become unavailable since 2016. One of those features is the TEA package service, which may be what you’re actually asking about. TEA will need to be supported by the Community version before it can return.

We are also not planning on supporting the use of local build toolchains for compiling your own dlls. We haven’t provided support for that in the past, and The Platform does not yet have that feature in the roadmap. For the foreseeable future, you’ll need to use the resources available from the Tcl Community if you are creating your own dlls.

We expect to be improving the content available for 64-bit 8.6.10 on Windows and Linux during the last months of 2020.

We haven’t been supporting 32-bit operating systems since 2018, so anything for 32-bit falls under Extended Support currently. We don’t expect to be able to offer a 32-bit ActiveTcl version on any platform, even for paying customers, until 2021 at the soonest. If it becomes available, 32 bit support will likely only be available to users with Extended Support Enterprise projects.

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Ok, thanks for the reply. Hence, I’ll use official tcl and tklib repos.
No, I wasn’t looking for TEA; just the 32bit version of tklib.dll.