Module not found

Trying to build exe from Python script that has TkTreeCtrl package and treectrl tcl package. Script runs with both packages but fails when running compiled exe saying it can’t find the tcl package. Can ActivePython/Komodo help resolve this issue? If so, how can I use ActivePython/Komodo to fix this?

We don’t specifically design ActivePython in a manner that will necessarily work when wrapped into an executable file. Your problem is likely triggered by the fact that Tkinter is an integral part of the Python you’re wrapping with, but TkTreeCtrl is a Tcl/Tk module that is basically just dropped into a place it can be found. When things are wrapped, the pointers where they go looking for resources have to be changed to ensure that what is inside the wrapped file is what gets used.

We don’t recommend the use of wrapping tools with any interpreted language. Wrapped files are not “well behaved” binaries, and that makes them unreliable in a modern security context where misbehaving files that pretend to be binaries are often nasty malware.

If you must wrap, whichever tool you’re using to create the exe file might have some documentation about using external resources. That’s the best place to check.

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