Install ActiveTcl-8.6 Linux Problem

I downloaded the ActiveTcl-8.6 for Linux (I am using Manjaro), extracted the package, and am stuck.
I can open in text editor and that is a bout it. I have no experience building packages so I am basically at loss at the moment.

Didn’t find similar questions here, so any help would be appreciated.

Decided to follow this post it seems that I have Tkinter installed, so I guess this is the solution.

Did you use the Archive Manager to extract the tarball?

Archive Managers will use an incompatible algorithm to decompress the file and will trash it. If you used the Archive Manager, toss your download. Redownload it, and use the command line steps in the installation guide.

If your goal is to use Python Tkinter, then yes. Tkinter is compiled as part of the Python package and if it’s there, it already has a TclTk library.

Most Tkinter packages are built with static links, so you can’t replace the TclTk library with a different one.

I basically wanted tkinter. The tutorial I am using asks us to use this package, but to be honest, when I went further into the lecture, I really didn’t need it, just tkinter.

Sorry for raising an issue. Thank you for the reply.