State Tool command failing on Windows

Im getting this: " State tool install failed ", Im on a win 10 laptop, the code consists of many lines and I didn`t manage to find the " log.txt " file you are referring too.
Can you please help me resolving that?

We had a temporary issue over the weekend where a version of State Tool had this issue. The issue has been fixed in the latest version (Version 0.16.5-SHA469514d) that has been deployed. Please check your State Tool version by typing state --version. If it’s older, please type state update to manually update to the latest version. If this doesn’t fix your problem, please let us know by posting here again.

If you ran into this issue the first time you were trying to install State Tool, just try running the installer script again, it should work now.

I`m struggling to find the place in order to paste your commands, can you please tell me where to paste them?

You will need to open a Command Prompt (in Start Menu, under Windows System), and type the commands in there. State Tool is a Command Line Interface, and requires a terminal application (like Command Prompt).

FYI, I spun this out to it’s own thread as it’s not directly related to the original thread it was in.

Its the first thing I did but it didnt fix the problem.
I guess it is an important prerequisite for the program (in order to function normally), how can I fix it? I forgot to mention that I`m running python 3.8.7.

Yes, you will need State Tool installed properly. I assume you mean Python 3.7.8, not 3.8.7 (that doesn’t exist yet). Can you please provide your username and the projectname on the platform? You can find this information on the same place right below where you found the state tool installation command line (the command under " Install this runtime").

Another thing I can suggest is to look for the log.txt and send it to us. Open up the command prompt and type:

cd %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\activestate\cli-unstable\

log.txt should be in that folder.

“The system cannot find the path specified” That’s the answer, of my system when I type on CMD ( with or without administrator privilege’s ) besides I`ve scanned my laptop and no catch file exists, inside it.

I can`t retrieve the names, no matter how I tried, I have a thought that my username is Al-Ex-Under.

When I was searching I found that (in the file) can you tell me anything about it?

Currently, I am in an absolute dead end. (I`m writing code, and everything seems to be upside-down)

Thank you,

Hi again. I found one user with the name ( alex-under ) in our database, that has an ActiveTcl-8.6 project. If this is you, then unfortunately you’re out of luck, because State Tool doesn’t support installing ActiveTCL at this time. You can go to download page of your project here (, download and install activeTCL using our regular installer.

If this is not your user, please let me know your email so I can find your user.