Trouble 'state activate' on install

Something Went Wrong
x Could not activate project
x Could not update runtime installation. If this is a private project ensure that you are authenticated.
x Not all artifacts could be installed:
Failed to install artifact python (b642c7d5-a26d-5520-beea-403b9a3d8145)

Need More Help?
• Run → state activate --help for general help

There isn’t a lot to go on without more context.

See the other posts in the forum in case some of them have tried the same thing you are trying.

  • Run any example Windows commandline install script from cmd.exe and not from inside an already running Powershell.
  • Make sure you’re logged in by typing “state auth” first.
  • Don’t run “activate” as the administrator. The user must have a proper AppData structure available. This also means that Roaming Profiles on Windows, and some Virtual Desktop setups, can block the use of State Tool.
  • Don’t try to force the runtime to install to System32 or some other system folder by using that as the current working directory. “activate” does not care, and will attempt to put the runtime into the current user’s AppData instead.
  • Don’t run the State Tool on an old version of Windows. (Windows 10 updated or Windows 11 for installing via the State Tool, no matter if the runtime will run on an older system or not.)
  • Do run the State Tool on a Desktop if you possibly can. Servers are often too locked down to be able to run the State Tool.
  • Try turning off your AntiVirus or Security Suite. Some products will object to an installer that attempts to put binaries into AppData folders.