The State Tool is not installing

When trying to Install our Command Line Utility - State Tool - from the EXE - on Windows it did not install.

Here are some troubleshooting steps:

If presented with a Windows Defender security warning screen, select “Run Anyway”.

We’ve released this EXE to see if it assists with a common issue people have been experiencing installing the State Tool on Windows machines with PowerShell. Installing using the EXE should provide a much more streamlined experience.

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█ Installing Package

• Searching for math-pari in the ActiveState Catalog… :heavy_check_mark: Found
• Creating commit… :heavy_check_mark: Done

Updating Runtime
Changes to your runtime may require some dependencies to be rebuilt.

Something Went Wrong
x Could not install dependencies
x The Platform failed to resolve the dependencies for this build.
Because root depends on every version of Feature|language/perl|math-pari which doesn’t match any versions, version solving failed.
x math-pari is unavailable

Need More Help?
• Run → state install --help for general help
• Check the Build Log to find out more: C:\Users\Aman\AppData\Local\Temp\build-log-1188077674
• Ask For Help → State Tool - ActiveState Community

what shoul i do i need help on this

Hi, you do have the ActiveState CLI tool installed, however as per the error message “Feature|language/perl|math-pari which doesn’t match any versions, version solving failed.” we can not find that dependency to install it

you can make a new forum post requesting that specific dependency, in the interim you can exclude that dependency from your project.

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The State Tool is not installing


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