State deploy fails with "Failed to install artifact zlib"

I added the package Win32-Console-ANSI. I pushes, I pulled, I deployed, I got the error Failed to install artifact zlib. I reverted toe the previous commit but no luck. I cleared the caches and the error still happened. Here are some selections from the log file:

[zlib (8877c33b-48d3-57c9-b102-63d10c840b08)] Unpacking completed SUCCESSFULLY
[zlib (8877c33b-48d3-57c9-b102-63d10c840b08)] Installing started
[zlib (8877c33b-48d3-57c9-b102-63d10c840b08)] Installing completed with FAILURE: Move artifact failed

Any help would be appreciated.

Tough to say what the issue is. Could be a file permissions issue. However, next time you give it a whirl please try running your state tool command with SET VERBOSE=true and kindly provide the log.