Can't perform 'state pull' : Could not create merge commit

Hello. I am new to the ActiveState Tool. After installing (I used ‘state deploy’) I altered my Windows 10 PERL5LIB environment variable to add a path to my custom written modules.

I wanted to add another package. Within the state tool I added Archive::Extract and saved it so it could build.
I used the CLI ‘state pull’ command. I get the following error:
“Could not create merge commit”

The verbose version, ‘state pull -v’ has this error:
“Merge with fast-forward failed with error: Failed to merge commit, trying recursive overwrite”

What should I do next?

Hi there. The deploy command has been deprecated for a while now. It should no longer be showing up in the --help output. I wonder if you are using an older version of the State Tool? The latest version is v0.42.0, you can check yours with state --version. You can update with state update or by running the install one liner documented here:

Instead of deploy, you should use checkout in combination with shell or use, depending on whether you want to use virtual environments.

Thanks Nathan. I used “deploy” with this newer build of State CLI (Nov 27 2023) because I didn’t know “deploy” was deprecated. It worked fine from what I can tell. Also, I never noticed any “deprecated” warnings anywhere (for example, on this forum).
I’ve managed to start installing my own packages within the lib areas that the “deploy” command created for me. I was able to work out problems with potential conflicts – I suspect it was the various different Archive:: packages (?).
I still like the idea of the State tool and centralized configuration, even though I am only partially using it at this point in time.

Hey @gwene, if you’re still interested, a good jumping off point to learn about the state tool are the Working with your project documentation pages.