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state deploy install mynamespace XML::LibXML
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x Installation failed

All I want to do is install the module XML::LibXML to fix the error that it is missing.
I didn’t realize it would be so complex just to do this.
Any instructions would be appreciated as I have tried with no success.

Hi echo101,

We are looking into it here and will get back to you today.



I wanted it to be able to run the VMware vSphere CLI or vCLI.

I finally figured out the and installed the module or at least it said it was installed but no luck getting the vmware CLI to work.

May be nothing wrong with Perl per se.

Thanks for looking into it.

OK glad it installed for you. Are you working through these instructions here or is there another documentation source you are working off of? Online Documentation - vSphere SDK for Perl Installation Guide - VMware {code}

Actually I gave up and went with PowerCLI instead.

Thank for being in contact though.