Perl 5.32.0 project activate fails, failed to install artifact error 404

After building a project with Perl 5.32.0, I can’t do anything with it, as it fails part way through the activation download/install-
x Could not update runtime installation
x Not all artifacts could be installed:
Failed to install artifact Text-Tabs+Wrap (35479fa2-915d-58a6-a155-1ee26215f4da) :: Invalid status code: 404

No proxies or firewall issues; it had spent several minutes downloading, unpacking and installing things.


Thanks for reaching out on this issue. There is a bug here related to the + sign in the package name. While I can’t provide an eta on the fix, the issue is known and will be addressed soon.

I’ll let you know once I have an update available.

@gboyce, great, thanks for the update!