Error activating

HI I have been getting these messages. What went wrong?

Could not update runtime installation
x Could not request build for /#7500ba2a-7475-448e-929a-a762da9e1125
x Build Failed: Recipe build failed: 1 build step failed

Could be permissions and it could be a missing item. Permissions are the easiest to check. Make sure you have run “state auth” to ensure you are authenticated when you try, then check the project you’re pulling from to see that your user ID has read access. You’ll also need to be online and have access to The Platform, but it seems like that might already be the case.

If your permissions all look correct, post a link to your project and we can check further.

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I did some digging, and it looks like this was a case of GD on Perl failing on Windows.

I have a fix for this build failure pending, and I expect that it will go live today.