Problem Building new Custom-perl

What’s going wrong ?

Reason: Unable to upload finished build assets to S3

  • Build failures: Upload to S3
  • Unable to upload recipe.json: Internal Server Error

Hi @Markus!

Thanks for writing!

Can you provide a few more details on what you were doing when you got this error? Were you using or the State Tool.

If you were using the State Tool, what operating system were you using and what command were you running?


I use to create win32-64bit.
Last friday the build was OK.
Today i tried to add dbd-odbc.
That failed.
Then i removed the package and build again.
Then it faild with the message i write.

Hi Markus. I think I found your project, and it looks like the issue has cleared.

That S3 error is definitely something on our side, and not something your changes would have introduced. When back-end issues clear, the builds hitting them often are able to complete without further intervention, as it looks like yours has done.

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