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Hi there,

I am a little confused. Unfortunately I cannot find a way to install ActivePerl on a Windows machine.
I actually only need 3 modules [AWS::S3, DBI, DBD (DBD::mysql)].
But already after the fork of ActivePerl I get build errors.
Maybe you have a solution?

From this project I have forked mine:

Hallo @mdi-chectec

Thanks for reporting this! That’s certainly strange. I bet that it’s an issue with our new solver. I’ll hand it on to the development team as soon as they got online (which won’t be for some hours, as they are mostly in the Pacific time zone of the Americas.)

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Hello zakg,

thank you very much for the quick feedback and the forwarding to the dev-team. I will try a little bit more and get back to you if I find a solution.
Best regards, mdi

Hello again,
I have tried to import everything I need using the META.json function.
Now there is a red empty bar for every click on “Windows 10”.
An error message does not appear at all.
(Also not in the configuration - when I have scrolled down completely)

Changed Perl-version from 5.32.0 to 5.28.1
Now its building! :face_with_monocle:

Hey MDI - Where and how did you change the Perl version to get to 5.32? When I try to change the version in a copy of your project, I don’t see 5.32 as an option. :smiley:


… and it turns out that it was briefly available as an option when it should not have been. Sorry about that!

That is a good question.
But I am absolutely sure that I >went down< to version 5.28.1 yesterday

Now its building with AWS::S3 and DBD::mysql
Hope it works today!

The update has made it work.

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I’m glad to read this! Thanks again for the report!

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