Missing Perl Modules

I’m using LWP::Simple and LWP::UserAgent in some of my perl scripts and ActivePerl complains that it cannot find them. The State Tool only lists a small subset of those packages (e.g., LWP-Simple-Post). Do I have to modify my scripts to use only the modules blessed by ActiveState (after guessing which ones, if any, are what I need)?

LWP-Simple is a part of the core Perl module libwww-perl
You almost certainly have it already. If you ask the Add pane for details on libwww-perl you will see if it is in your project and it will show the submodules that it includes (23)

It’s the same for LWP-UserAgent. Part of libwww-perl.

If Perl cannot find them, are you sure you have Perl installed correctly? Depending on your operating system and the Perl version, you may have missed a step in post install configuration.

for older versions with downloaded installers.

“state deploy” requires a number of environment variable to be set for 5.32/5.34/5.36, which if not set can result in being unable to find some or all of the runtime.

The libwww-perl module was the problem in that it was not included in my ActivePerl-5.34.0 build. I also had to install/update some libraries in my macOS. Everything is working now. Thanks for the feedback.