Komodo IDE and Windows OS Don't See Python 3.9 Installed Via Powershell

I used the PowerShell installer for Python3.9. Cannot find the Executable anywhere on my system, and cannot get it set at the default Python for my Windows 10 system. Even Komodo can’t find it!

I have spent the about half a day trying to figure this out. How can I install Python and start writing scripts?

It’s boggles the mind that you can’t just download and install Python.

If anyone knows how to get Python3.9 installed and Windows 10 and Komodo using it, that would be really great.



The powershell command installs the State Tool.

Once you have the State Tool, you have a number of options available with the command set supported by the State Tool.
The “state activate” command in the cut and paste installation command will give a Python in a virtual env. No, Komodo won’t know about it, and neither will Windows. Virtual environments are intended to be insulated and self contained. Komodo would have to be inside the virtual environment too, and Windows will never know about it.

If you want to expose the Python to other applications or users, you can use a different deployment command.
state deploy
will give a runtime that’s more like the old MSI installers. What it won’t give you is an uninstaller, because state deploy disconnects the runtime from the State Tool and State Tool can’t manage it any longer.


I wish could install ActiveState Python on my Windows 10 systems and develop in my Komodo IDE, which from the above, does not seem possible.

I guess a bonus question is “what is ActiveState Komodo IDE for if you cannot use it to develop with ActiveState Python?”

And, has someone at ActiveState thought this plan all the way through?

I used to pay about $300/year for my Komodo IDE license. Is it free now because you can’t use it?

It’s really a bummer, actually. I love Komodo IDE, but, it I cannot use it, I guess I will have to find another tool.

Have Komodo 12.0.1 IDE and Python 3.10.0 BOTH running on my tateLinux Laptop and Windows 10 Desktop. If you can’t run ActiveState python runtime from Komodo, try Geany 1.36 IDE. Not sure if Geany is avail for Windows 10. Maybe use Python from Python.org? Untill State tool is fixed, I won’t use State virtual environment.