Were can I download Python 3 support for Komodo for the Mac

Im trying to install ActivePython 3.6 for Komodo on my the mac and landed on
the active state download page:

It has a link for ActivePython 3.6 for the Mac, but that link leads to nowhere.

Please advice where I can find the download.
(And fix the link for others)

Since Komodo’s last release, Python 3.6 has gone end of life, and so has our “Downloads” page.

You should be using a release that is 3.8 or higher. If you have an account on The Platform, you can access the Featured Projects from your Dashboard, or create a customized Python specific to your needs.

Review the setup instructions in Komodo that talk about “Python 3”. There are some features in Komodo that can’t use Python 3, such as the regular expression editor, but that shouldn’t limit you too much.

And, if you use the AS ‘state’ tool to deploy it (which is your only option) Komodo won’t see it, so gook luck with that (if you solve this issue I would appreciate knowing how).

Here is a link to a thread that talks about it (no really good options or workarounds):