MSI or EXE isntaller not available for download after build

Why can’t I access the Windows MSI or EXE installer. All I see under the download builds is that powershell command line. Is this no longer available or something is nor right? I have the same issue wiht Python and Perl builds.

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I think AS has done away with all install and are now managing everything with their ‘state’ tool. I have never been able to figure that tool out, or how to get their IDE (Komodo IDE) to find the Perl and Python installs it creates (AS says it’s all about virtual environments now, so I guess IDEs are out… what a drag it is getting old).

Good luck, and if you figure out how to get their stuff to work, please let me know.


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I have the same problem. I dont have internet access on the machine where I need to install. There powershell script fails and I cant figure out where it is failing. Most probably because it can’t download that state installer tool.
I got that they are moving to a new way of doing things but they should provide offline tools as well. A simple step has now become a major pain.


As far as I can tell, you need to point your IDE to the perl.exe.bat or python.exe.bat files under C:\Users{user name}\AppData\Local\ActiveState\cache\b203eabc\exec, but I’m not sure it’s right. I can’t get the IDE to find the packages I installed. That batch file starts the “state tool” then executes Perl. As you said, it looks like it’s virtual.

Anyway, this is becoming a pain. I’m not an advanced enough user to install things without a manager or installer, and the new AS script might be good, but I don’t have time to spend figuring this out at this time. If we need internet access, it may not work as many users may be running scripts on systems with no internet access. Especially in a manufacturing environment.

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Here is the reply that I got from AS Support:

The “state activate” command in the cut and paste installation command will give a Python in a virtual env. No, Komodo won’t know about it, and neither will Windows. Virtual environments are intended to be insulated and self contained. Komodo would have to be inside the virtual environment too, and Windows will never know about it.
If you want to expose the Python to other applications or users, you can use a different deployment command.
state deploy
will give a runtime that’s more like the old MSI installers. What it won’t give you is an uninstaller, because state deploy disconnects the runtime from the State Tool and State Tool can’t manage it any longer.

So, apparently you can use “deploy” to install it, but you won’t be able to uninstall it… Like many here, I am completely lost on how to use this new tooling, and I don’t have the time to figure it out. I will likely move on from using Active State (which I started doing back in 2003 I think… it was a long time ago).

On the other hand, maybe somebody from AS Product teams is reading these forums and is realizing that products people can’t use don’t usually get adopted, and are fixing these issues. It should be easy.

Here is a link to my post and the AS response:



This whole thing is pretty messed up. I just downloaded Starwberry Perl, going to give that a try. AS had perfectly decent msi/exe installers and they removed those and are pushing this “state” tool which has no support for offline installations, is buggy as hell, etc. I wonder who is running this company

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