Downloading ActivePerl-5.28 for windows error


When downloading AcitvePerl for the WriteXLS package i am unable to fully download and receive this error message. Any ideas?

Hi @basooners11 - thanks for posting and sorry you ran into this. Would you mind sharing the link to the runtime that you were trying to install? In the meantime, I’ll check in with the support team here to see if they have any quick solutions.


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HI again @basooners11,
The package WriteXLS you are looking for is not part of the CE runtime. So even if you download the installer successfully you wont be able to use it.

  • You could add the package you need and then Commit Changes to the fork, let it build again and then download the installer from that build (which will be a custom build).
    Hope that helps! And let us know if works.

Your download was during a period where we were testing a Direct Download installer with custom builds. Testing found a number of issues, and the standard installers have been rotated back for custom builds.

If you add the modules you are looking for with the Add Modules pane on the Configuration tab and rebuild, you will get a standard installer, and it won’t have the error you show.