5.28 MSI Installer Fails with "Could not grab commit ID for project" error

Hi all,

I’m trying to install ActivePerl 5.28 using ActivePerl-5.28.msi on Windows 10 PC in my office. The install process failed with error message “Could not grab commit ID for project”. I didn’t see any other information. (Is there an error log file to do further debugging?)
I’ve tried the same installation process on my personal NB (Win10), and it is OK. So it might be system setup or network issue. But I cannot sure and don’t know how to fix it.
Could somebody help to deal with this issue?

Thank you!

Hi @howard22008 - we haven’t had any reports of this yet so I’ll check with the team and post back as soon as I hear back.

Are you behind a proxy server or firewall at the office, and not behind one at home? The installer you’re using needs access to the internet. It’s a bootstrap installer, and downloads the components that it requires during the process.

“Cannot grab commit id” means that the installer can’t access a public project (the most basic level of access).

Thanks for quick reply.

I’ve asked our IT to disable firewall.
I will test again and update the result later.

The problem is fixed after installing outside the firewall.