Debugging a Web App - Web server?

I am a newbie when it comes to Perl or webapps in general but I have been asked to debug an old web app. The issue is that when I try to run it in my browser, I see only text. From my research it seems like I need a web server installed on my local computer? Is there a super simple one I can download? And how do I configure it. Please explain this like I’m 5, I really am out of my element here, I’m used to much easier scripting languages and IDEs like VBA and Python. I’m on Komodo IDE 12


Welcome to the ActiveState Community! If you’re looking for an introduction to web apps with Perl, I’d suggest a Google search, which turns up hits like:

But as a newbie, you might be better off starting with a beginner’s intro to Perl, such as:

For any specific questions you may, another great resource is the Perl experts at

Hope that helps,