How to install Perl on a Windows computer without internet connection?

In former times, a whole ActiveState Perl bundle could be downloaded as a Windows installer. But now I cannot see this possibility anymore. I built a package here but the two ways to install it require internet access.
Do I have to switch to other Perl brands like Strawberry Perl?

Hi Sunhillow,

There are no offline installers available outside of our paid tiers. If you are using this in a business context we kinda ask that you subscribe.



Hi JeffR,
I would like to test if beforehand on a normal computer, but it does not install even with internet

We don’t support Windows 8, so it that’s what you’re using, you will need the installer download add-on for Team Tier or an Enterprise Tier subscription.

If you have Windows 10 20H1 or higher, try the steps in the Network Troubleshooting section:

We recommend installing on a Desktop, vs a Server. If the runtime needs to arrive on a Server, stage it on a Desktop, and either repackage it into an internal intaller, or move it to the server.
(See the online manuals for the section on ‘state deploy’)

There’s a new downloadable installer for the State Tool. That might resolve your network connection issues partially, but the State Tool still needs to be able to connect to The Platform to install your runtime.