Custom toolbar - Settings not persistently saved

Hi Komodo users,

I have created a custom toolbar containing two additional commands for indenting/unindenting text . In customize pane I can activate my toolbar by clicking the “disabled eye” button and completing the action by clicking on “Done”.


Unfortunately after restarting Komodo my setting has gone and I have to repeat the steps described above. Is it a bug or what do I have to do to make Komodo save my setting persitently?

Looking forward to your answers. Best regards.


Sounds like you’re hitting this issue: Toolbar items disappear when customize · Issue #3939 · Komodo/KomodoEdit (

I’m not sure when time will be set aside for resolving an issue like this in Komodo.

As a workaround, you could try remaking the custom toolbar item. Move your scripts/snippet (whatever it is) out of the toolbar item, delete it, make a new one then avoid toggling it’s display status in the Customize Toolbar window.

  • Carey