Debug options window growing

My pop up dialog bog for the debug options just continues to grow. Any ideas

Hi @cdumont-tenable-com!

Thanks for writing! It looks like you are using macOS. Can you tell us what version?

When does this issue happen? Can you resize the window manually? Do you have any software the manages window size or placement?


I am using Big Spur, but this happened with the previous version of OSX also. It started with upgraded to Komodo 12.

This happens every time I launch a script, I can resize the windows. I have no software that manages window placement.

Hi @cdumont-tenable-com - that sounds quite irritating.

@careyh Do you have a suggestion?


hi @cdumont-tenable-com, my guess would be the theme you’re using as I’ve not seen this reported else where. As a sledgehammer test, try Help menu > Troubleshooting > Restart in Safe-Mode and see if you can reproduce the issue.

If that works, try changing your theme to the default dark theme, or another Light theme.

If that works, i’d try your original theme again and see if the issue has magically gone away otherwise, modify one of the uneffected themes.

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Well, I have catch 22. If reset to safe mode, I get the Big Spur hanging issue. When I apply the fix for that (Komodo and Big Sur (DO NOT UPGRADE) - Support - Komodo IDE & Edit | Forums), my old settings come back. One other thing to note, I am a looooong time Komodo user, and I re-installed from previous versions.

@careyh I think you are on the right track though. I started changing the Appearance > Interface Colors, and I think its fixed.

@zakg & @careyh - no such luck, but now I can watch it migrate south :slight_smile:

@cdumont-tenable-com , could you elaborate on this? What made you think it was working and what indicated that it wasn’t? Did you change the base scheme you were working from or just edit the scheme you already were using?

So after changing the theme, from default to something else. I could resize the window, and all looked good. But the more debugging I did the window began to grow, so it took maybe 30 debug to max out the window…vs 10. something like that…