Can't find DB::Debugger module

In Komodo 7.1 on Windows 7 Ultimate, perl5 (revision 5 version 24 subversion 3), a Perl script that previously compiled successfully failed after successful installation of an OS update.
The compilation error message is "Can’t locate DB/ in @INC (you may need to install the DB::DbgrCommon module) "

I am unable to find the module via ppm.

Help, please.

You’ll find tips on Komodo’s use of the Perl Debugger over in the Komodo Community, but be aware that Komodo Version 7 has been unsupported since Komodo 8 was released, and we are now only supporting issues on Komodo 12.

The OS update or a related Security/AntiVirus update may have altered, blocked, or removed some of your configuration, since that module is part of the remote debugging package.

By “Compiled”, do you mean that you used the old Perl Dev Kit to wrap the script into an executable? That functionality was not part of Komodo. It came from the Perl Dev Kit which was sold separately.

We have seen system updates breaking existing files created with the Dev Kit for at least five years. The Dev Kit was discontinued in 2016, among other reasons being that any file created with The Perl Dev Kit acts like malware. Since 2016, we have been advising that users find alternative methods to deploy Perl scripts so that they don’t experience problems where updates permanently break existing tooling without warning.

Thank you. By “compile” I just mean the compilation that perl does on execution of a script, not the construction of an executable.

Would upgrading to Komodo 12 solve the problem or would I have to install the DB module in addition, and if so where would I find it?

Each version of Komodo uses a slightly different set of debugging plugins, but they’re all found here:

Depending on how you’re doing the debugging, you might be able to reconfigure your Project as well. See the Komodo manual pages for setting up remote debugging on your system. Komodo 7 docs are not available online any longer, so you’ll need to use what you have locally.

Komodo 12 won’t run on Windows 7, so you’ll have a different problem unless you can update to Windows 10.