Cannot install into Windows 10 a Perl 5.32 package that includes switch

I have attempted to create a Perl 5.32 package in windows that includes the switch module.
Repeated efforts generate the same error about a build dependency:

x The Platform failed to resolve the dependencies for this build. \nBecause root depends on every version of Feature|language/perl|switch which doesn’t match any versions, version solving failed.

How can I repair the dependency and use Perl 5.32 with the switch module?

Wil Blake

Are you adding the package from the command line? If so, are you requesting it as switch or Switch?

I tried the command state install switch on a Perl project, and I can reproduce your results. This could be a bug in our CLI tool. I’ll follow up with our team.

For now, I believe state install Switch will work better for you, though I recommend reading about Alternatives to Switch if you’re able to revise the code that uses the switch feature.

shanew thanks for the help. I would prefer to keep the “switch” construct but could likely use a “smartmatch” or even a nested if/then since for now the code recognizes only two cases.