Adding Win32::Registry fails

OS: windows 10, I installed perl 5.34 with the state tool without adding any additional packages other than those selected by default.
Perl worked. Then I added the Win32-Registry to the package in the Configuration, and that seemed to be working fine (status reported successful adding of 2 packages, total 149 packages, included Win32::Registry and Win32::Registry-Files. Then I used the state tool again to install, but it failed with the message:

Could not update runtime installation
 x The Platform failed to resolve the dependencies for this build. These are the last lines of the error message:\n…|language/perl|libwin32 (0.29) is provided by Ingredient|language/perl|libwin32 (0.29), every version of Feature|language/perl|libwin32 requires Ingredient|language/perl|libwin32 (0.29).

And because Ingredient|language/perl|libwin32 (0.29) depends on Feature|language|perl (>=5.6), every version of Feature|language/perl|libwin32 requires Feature|language|perl (>=5.6).

So, because root depends on both Feature|language/perl|libwin32 (*) and Feature|language|perl (5.34.0), version solving failed.
 x Request is invalid

How can I add these modules, so that perl has access to the windows registry?

LibWin32 is a bundle name that is largely obsolete. The bundle was broken up into the separate modules of the Win32 namespace so that the task of maintenance wasn’t so large.

If you delete libwin32 as a specific requested component, that dependency mismatch will be resolved, and the required modules from the Win32 namespace can be added separately. You’re already doing that part.