New (default) build of perl 5.32.0 (Windows) fails due to Win32 error

On Monday I reported an issue building a fresh copy of 5.32.1 when you add module Win32 as a dependency. See
Module Win32 fails to build in Windows perl 5.32.1

A lot of things depend on Win32, so it doesn’t take much to break a build.

Today I discovered that a default build of 5.31.1 fails due to the same Win32 problem. A default build of 5.32.1 includes the Utilities bundle – which depends on Win32.

Removing the Utilities bundles (leaving a bare build) results in success.

Adding anything that depends on Win32 breaks the build.

This is a show stopper for me. All my projects depend on something that depends on Win32. As a result, I cannot get a build – in either 5.32.1 or 5.32.0 – that I can use.

There are no open issues for module Win32 on cpan. And it builds just fine in Strawberry Perl 5.32.1.

Were it not for the Platform tying my hands, I’d download it manually and build it. Then I wouldn’t be dead in the water. But the Platform architecture is such that if something like this breaks, it prevents me from even getting a build with my other dependencies. Unless I’m missing something.

HI @jgpuckering,
Thank you for posting ! The team shall get back to you !

Any progress on this? It’s a show stopper for me.

@jgpuckering engineering team is planning to release a fix later today. I don’t know exactly when but will update this ticket when it happens.

@jgpuckering while we deployed a fix for the Win32 package, it uncovered another issue that is preventing a successful build. I’ll have more info tomorrow and can report back then.

We’ve also rectified that issue now, you should be good to go!

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Thanks. I happened to do a build around 17:35 EDT that included the modules which dragged in Win32 … and it build successfully! So, all is good now as far as 5.32 is concerned.

Thanks to all involved!!!