Build Error: Module-Util 1.09 for Perl 5.26.3 on Windows

Looking for help with this package that is failing to build in my project.

Runtime Details

Failing Packages

  • Module-Util 1.09


  • Build failures: module Rakudo-Star, module Module-Build, module Module-Build-Tiny, module Module-Runtime, module IO-Socket-IP, module PPIx-Regexp, module Params-Classify, module Params-Validate, module Test-Differences, module Text-Reform, module DateTime-Format-ISO8601, module DateTime-Set, module Class-Factory-Util, module HTML-Tree, module Module-Util, module DateTime-Format-MySQL, module DateTime-Format-Pg, module Readonly, module File-ShareDir-Install, module Convert-NLS_DATE_FORMAT, module MooseX-Role-Parameterized, module MooseX-Getopt, module PPIx-Utilities, module DateTime-Format-Natural, module Pod-Spell, module DateTime-Locale, module Perl-Critic
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Thank you for your feedback! We will look into it and advise accordingly! Appreciate your patience!

Hi Team,

Thanks, kindly update me asap, as i need to get it install and test by this week.

Do you need both Linux and Windows? A multiplatform build can hit a lot more issues than a single platform build will, so if you really just need it for Windows, you can remove Linux from the Configuration pane.
You can remove ActivePerl-PPM and PPM-repositories. They will not work with a build from The Platform.
Doing that will also get rid of the Rakudo-star dependency that all Perl updates were grabbing incorrectly. That will get you closer, but Iā€™m not sure if it will get you all the way to done.

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I am getting the bellow message after removing linux

Commit parent doesn't match branch commit

The build is fixed now ! Please check.

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