Build Error: BerkeleyDB 0.64 for Perl 5.28.1 on Windows

Looking for help with this package that is failing to build in my project.

Runtime Details

Failing Packages

  • BerkeleyDB 0.64


  • Build failures: module BerkeleyDB, module forks, module Sys-SigAction, module BerkeleyDB-Manager

Hi there.

You’re hitting a limitation on The Platform that we are aware of, and are working on improving. The new solver is unable to handle multi-platform build requests when there are modules that are incompatible with one of the two platforms. The recipe you have created is being solved as if it is for Linux, and isn’t reworked fully when it’s time to build it on Windows.

You could try creating a fresh fork and deleting the Linux builds from the Project as the first step.

You could remove all the Win32* modules from your Linux recipe for slightly faster results.

For both Linux and Windows projects, you need to remove all the Thread* modules, so that your recipe doesn’t create conflicts with modules that are already in the core of the Perl, and you’ll need to remove PPM-Repositories because it’s incompatible with the Platform.

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Thanks and I removed Linux and still got failure on windows.