1 active project, BUT 3 concurrent runtimes, allegedly

Earlier this month, I posted in the community forum (How do I get rid of extra runtimes? - #6 by onlyonelikeme) saying that, just like user @gamin-mb, I was seeing a heads-up message stating ‘You are using 2 out of 1 available runtimes.

I have just one project (Perl-5.36.1) installed, and in use.

Based on Activestate’s definition (on ActiveState FAQs - Python, Tcl, Perl, Komodo & More): “an active runtime is an instance of software from the ActiveState Platform that is run in any 24 hour period”, I have one active runtime.

Now, on my projects page I see a message stating that I have 3 concurrent runtimes, along with a note stating that this number includes runtime activations via the state tool.

I would like to see usage details that show how this figure of ‘3 concurrent runtimes’ has been arrived at.

I keep getting ‘sorry, an error has occurred’ when uploading an image, so here’s a link to it instead:

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Hello, sorry for the delayed response. Are you still experiencing this “over limit” message on your Platform account? This may have been a result of asynchronous updates to your account from our end, which is something we’re aware of and working to improve on. Fortunately, this should not restrict you from using your project.

Yes, the message is still there.

May I suggest that as Activestate is aware of potential issues, then messages such as “This organization exceeds the usage limit of 1 concurrent runtimes for Free Tier subscriptions. You'll need to upgrade this organization to continue at this rate.” should be withdrawn until the issues are fixed. Such messages are disconcerting, and may even result in users upgrading unnecessarily.

There has been some improvement. The current message on my projects page states that I have 2 concurrent runtimes [previously it was 3].


I see from the comment that @NicoleSchwartz made on another post

that he state tool counts the virtual environments (created using state activate).

I don’t generally use state activate, although I did yesterday whilst familiarising myself with the state tool.

I don’t recall having more than one virtual environment at a time.

I do not currently have a need to use state activate, and therefore shall refrain from using it.

From looking at the state-svc log files, it appeared to me that the state tool is also monitoring usage of the my ActiveState Perl installation in conventional use, i.e. outside of any virtual environment. I am assuming that using Perl in this way is 1 runtime, regardless of how many scripts are running in parallel (which may occur from time to time, although I am typically only running one at a time).