How does the state tool decide how many runtimes are running?

I am doing some research and I wanted to find out how does the state tool decide how many runtimes are active on a machine. Is it server based and can I use ActiveState platform offline or is it online only?
Also, does anyone know how I can see which devices are running or using the ActiveState projects?
Thanks in advance.

The State Tool counts how many running virtual environments (specifically our virtual environment aka portable developer runtime) are on the current system.

We will be adding a new state tool command in the future that will allow you to gather more information about the runtimes on your current system.

You may not run the State Tool, or our platform, offline. Enterprise customers may pay for packaged runtimes that can be deployed offline for air-gap scenarios.

There is not currently a way to view what devices are using an ActiveState project, this is complicated by the fact anonymous users can use public runtimes.


Thank you for your help.