Version 12.1 slows down to a lagging crawl, and requires restart - often + irritating

So this has happened for a while, I use the free version so I haven’t mentioned it before.
It seems like from a user’s standpoint that Komodo is giving up CPU easily.
It runs perfectly fine until some sub-routine or update fires up, and then it slows (a lot) as the CPU is distributed, but after that is done, it (Komodo) doesn’t regain the the original processing fluidity. It happens gradually as I use the program, like a slow boil, before I realize it . The lag goes from normal (no latency) to 1-3 seconds between keypress to cursor action on the screen. And it’s intermittent, and only resolved with a reset of Komodo.

On restarting Komodo after that it often takes many minutes to restart - or I will need to click the icon repeatedly to push through the command.

If I had to guess, I would guess that the way Komodo manages it’s CPU sharing is too generously.

I use a ThinkPad, Win 10, 64Bit, 2.30GHz, RAM 8GB
It’s a nice little machine for programming.

Anyway, I have worked with Komodo for a long time, purchased previous versions, and have a love for the product and the workflow.

If there is a fix I can do, I would love to know.
If this text helps for a future version then it was definitely worth the time.

Thanks for your time.


Welcome to the ActiveState Platform! If you haven’t heard, ActiveState retired Komodo IDE last week, and have open sourced the code. Read more about it here: ActiveState Komodo IDE Now Open Source

If you’d like to contribute code to OpenKomodo, you can head directly to the GItHub repo.

We’re sad to retire Komodo but hopeful about where our passionate Komodo user base is going to take OpenKomodo. Hope to have you along for the ride!

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I wasn’t aware of that.
So auto updates will no longer happen?

You’ve got the last one. 12.0.1 was issued in October of 2021.