Still unable to make komodo12 + platform work

Tried a lot of things, many full reinstall… Still not working.
When i create a new project, it starts ok, then seems to be in an “infinite loop”, but komodo is not freezed,

I have to “kill” the project creation windows to continue with Komodo.
When i look on the platform , the project has been created - ok.
But i’m not able to use the project in komodo…
I’ve been using komodo (the paid version) for a long time, with local installs, i’ve had no trouble…Starting from the plaform one (komodo 12), i’ve not produced anything (happy that it is for my own use…if not i would bee a job seeker).
Hoping activestate / anyone will give me some tips to solve tihs mess.

Hi @eav2002,

Looks like this might be caused by one of the latest releases of the state tool. I’ve filed this Create project hangs when forking a Platform Project · Issue #3950 · Komodo/KomodoEdit ( and have contacted the state tool team to confirm and see what we can do about it.