Current state of Mac version

Just wondering what is the current state and future plans for Komodo Edit for the Mac? I have version 12.0.1 for a while and looks like that is the latest version available. Are there plans to optimize it for the most current OS or coming out with any new features? It is running OK but kind of slow even just resizing a window, probably not best utilized on current OS versions. Since I use it almost on a daily basis just would like to know how to plan for the future especially regarding compatibility and optimizing for the new M1 processor. Thank you!

My current system: 2018 MacBook Pro, 2.9 GHz (4.8 turbo) 6 core i9, SSD hard drive, OS: 12.1

Hey @BladeWebmaster,

It’s getting quite difficult for us to update Komodo due to issues in the Mozilla platform that Komodo is based on. We’ll aim for an update on the way forward early next year.


Thank you for the response Zak, fortunately still runs fairly good on OS 12 (with Intel processors), just some performance issues, more afraid that the M1 chips will cause additional problems. Thank you for keeping up on it as much as possible!

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