Unable to select "Private" under Visibility in Komodo Project Wizard

I paid for the subscription (coder level). I create a new Project select Python3 for the Language however under the ActiveState Platform Integration section, I select “Add a runtime environment to my project”- Visibility only allows me to use “Public” but not “Private”

I’ve tried restarting the application and also deleted it it and reinstalled but to no avail.

Hey @cycleash,

Thanks for reaching out for assistance. I believe you’re also being helped in another medium but wanted to touch base in this post that we’ve isolated the issue and should have a fix soon.

For now though, if you’re game, there is a workaround. This assumes the state tool has been installed on your computer and is on your system path. Komodo should have done that but if step 3 fails because the state tool is missing see the installation instructions:

  1. Create your project in the dashboard
  2. Open a terminal on your computer and navigate to the folder you wish to create your project in
  3. run state activate [username]/[projectname]

That will:

  • pull down and install your Platform Runtime
  • generate an activestate.yaml
  • setup your terminal env to use your Platform Runtime

In Komodo, if you create a regular project in that same folder, but skip the part about adding a run time, Komodo will see the activestate.yaml and setup Komodo to also use your Platform Runtime.

Sorry for inconvenience but again, thanks for reaching out to us for assistance. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

  • Carey

Yeah I’m brand new to all of this and don’t even know what the state tool is or does.

Morning @cycleash,

You could compare the state tool to virtualenv but on steroids. That docs link should have more details if you’re interested.

How did the work around go?

  • Carey