Activation failed (komodo 12)

Hello i’m not able to use komodo12 in sync with the platform…I get messages like “activation failed” and “saving private key failed with” . Whe ni run the script activation within komodo i get →

Your activestate.yaml is 3 commits behind.
Run state pull to pull in the latest runtime environment as defined in your project on

Something Went Wrong
x Could not prepare virtual environment
x Could not update runtime installation
x Could not request build for eav2002/Perl#501a40b7-cb1c-4432-a168-d00fb304a633
x Build Failed: One or more packages failed to build

Need More Help?
• Run → state run --help for general help
• Visit the Forum → State Tool - ActiveState Community
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can you help doc ?

Hi @eav2002,

Looks like the help text is correct. Run state pull either in Komodo’s left side bar state tool menu (looks like an AS icon), run the command in Commando in Komodo, or run it in your regular Cmd terminal in your projects root.

You project at that commit is failing and cannot be checked out:
eav2002/Perl, commit:501a40b7-cb1c-4432-a168-d00fb304a633