Can't install the packages

I’m trying to install the packages in my project "komodo-WK-AddingTitle"and I’m having the error messages:
x Could not install dependencies
x The Platform failed to resolve the dependencies for this build.
No ingredient version satisfies requirement language/perl xsLoader
x Request is invalid


Welcome to the ActiveState Platform! and thanks for bringing this issue to our attention.

The error you’re seeing is generated by our solver, which is indicating that it could find no version of xsLoader in the ActiveState catalog that was compatible with the set of packages/versions in your runtime.

However, in reviewing your account, I can no longer find a project titled “komodo-WK-AddingTitle” Perhaps you have renamed it to “Training” which contains the xsLoader package? The Training project, however, successfully builds.

Let me know if this problem has been resolved,

Hi Danac.
Thanks for your response.

I believe the account/runtime of svetlana.a.raykhman@rrd overrode the runtime of
This I think is the reason you can’t see “komodo-WK-AddingTitle” any longer and I can’t install the packages for it.
For me it’s much more important to restore the run time of Can you please advise how can do it and
if it’s possible to keep these accounts separate.


I can see you have 2 accounts with two separate email addresses/logins so nothing has been overridden.

I can also see that the “komodo-WK-AddingTitle” project includes xsLoader, and builds successfully for Perl 5.28 on both Windows and Linux. The issue with our solver that was preventing the platform from resolving your dependencies is now fixed.

You can now install the packages in your project by following the install instructions here: ActiveState

Great. Thanks a lot.