Tk text tag bind issue with ActiveTcl 8.6 (occurs when using Tk in both Ruby and Python)

The issue is reported at the Ruby Tk GitHub project page (title: Tk::Text listening to a tag covering 1.0 to end stops working after clearing all text (on Mac)):

How do I report it to ActiveState? I am an open-source user, not a commercial user. I would imagine it is still useful to ActiveState to learn about the issue.

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Andy Maleh

Thanks Andy,

We’ll have a look here, not sure if it is ActiveTcl per se or upstream from us.



That’s definitely upstream. The Tcl Community runs many resources for discussing Tcl issues. There’s an active tag for Tcl in StackOverflow, and the front panel for the Tcl info site is found here:

Bugs in Tk itself are reported, described, diagnosed, and tracked here:

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Thank you.

I reported over here: Tk Source Code: View Ticket


Andy Maleh

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