Strange behaviour on double click

Mouse events on canvas behave strangely. Multiple click events appearently override single click event reactions. Try this:

% package require Tk
% pack [canvas .c]
% bind .c <1> “puts one”
% # now one click
% one

% bind .c <1><1> “puts two”
% # now one click again
% two

% # but expected “one” to be printed.

Same strange behaviour when used <<DoubleClick>> which consists of <1><1>.

Hey Wolf!

That is odd. I can confirm that one gets the expected behaviour on Tcl/Tk 8.5.9 distributed with macOS and on the Tcl/Tk 8.6.11 available via Homebrew on macOS. The expected behaviour (as near as I can tell) being that both “one” and “two” are displayed when double-clicking because of reasons.

I can also confirm that one gets the unexpected behaviour on ActiveTcl 8.6.9 on macOS.

I’ll let the dev team know.



I suspect that this bug is related to earlier bug reported which deals of virtual events. Sadly I am not a C programmer and I am not willed to become one.

I have made some tools where the advantages of a great scripting language prove time advantage.

Additionaly to say, my graphics tool vectorleaf grew to version 0.1 in about six months. That would never be possible with C.