State Tool failed to insall Perl 5.36.0 on Windows Server

Any pointers to resolving following would be appreciated.

On Win 2012 R2 server:

PS C:\resources\perl\installer> state activate --default JustType/Perl-5.36.0-Windows

Something Went Wrong
x Failed to start state-svc at state tool invocation
x Request for service HTTP address failed

Win 2012 R2 server ← is the problem.

Windows 2012 is not supported for the State Tool. Servers in general are not good candidates to run the State Tool on.

State Tool should be run from a desktop. For Windows versions 10 20H1 and higher or 11.
To install onto a server, you either need to do a two-step process that moves the runtime from the desktop to the server,

or you need an offline installer.