State clean config is a bit confusing

When I run state clean config, I get the following message:

You are about the remove the State Tool config directory. Continue? (y/N)

This isn’t very informative. What and where is the config directory? A user might be forgiven for thinking it’s the folder where the activestate.yaml file resides. But it’s not. It’s %APPDATA%\activestate\cli-release.

Why would I run state clean config? The reason I chose to run it is because after doing a state clean uninstall, I could still see the local project show up when I ran state projects. Here’s what I got – before doing state clean uninstall, after it, before doing state clean config, and after it:

ai-perl5-32-0 jgp-perl
└─ :heavy_check_mark: Local Checkout → c:\Sandbox\ActiveState_Platform\staging_area

Even after deleting the activestate.yaml file I continued to see this message when doing state projects. Why? Could it be because I still have a deployed instance of the project on my machine? Where does this information come from? When does it go away?

Hey @jgpuckering!

Thanks for the notes! I’ll pass them on to the state tool team.