State auto update takes very long time

Hello folks,

As run ‘state’ in command line, it shows ‘auto update’…while it takes very long time, perhaps 30min. The attachment picture shows the screen. Please give hints about how to resolve this.



An update should be quick. Version 34 and older had problems with runaway services, and those could be preventing the update from proceeding. The Troubleshooting section in the manuals has a powershell script to identify and shutdown rogue services. That might get your update running.

Thanks, what you mean are two steps: first, stop and uninstall v34, second, download and install new version. Is my understanding correct?

Correct. That is more or less the same order that the automatic update will try.

A complicating factor can be that some versions of the State Tool will spin up new services any time a state command is run, so using state commands to uninstall the state tool might need to be avoided in favor of manually removing them by following the steps in the uninstallation document.