State Activate not working

State pull and state push working but on executing state activate it shows below error.

Something Went Wrong
x Could not activate project. If this is a private project ensure that you are authenticated.
x Unknown error resolving order": [POST /v1/recipes][400] resolveRecipesBadRequest
&{SolverError:{IsTransient:0xc000a0a8d0 Message:0xc0009c42c0}

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Hi @sgarg21!

Thanks for writing!

Could you share a few more details?

What operating system are you running state on?

Are you trying to activate a specific project?
eg. state activate ActiveState/ActivePerl-5.28

Are you running state activate without any options?

What happens when you run state auth?


Thank you for your response, now its start working. Now I’m facing below problem.
install_driver(mysql) failed: Attempt to reload DBD/ aborted.
Compilation failed in require at (eval 367) line 3.

at Bugzilla/ line 1328.
Please provide some solution for it.

Hey @sgarg21

We don’t yet delivery the MySQL client library. Grab it separately and make sure that it’s in your path. It should work then.


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Hi @zakg

Thanks for your response. Now its works for me and Im able to install bugzilla using Active perl. But Im getting below error. Any solution for this would be great.

Software error:

Can’t locate Date/ in @INC (you may need to install the Date::Format module) (@INC contains: . lib C:/Usr/site/lib C:/Usr/lib) at Bugzilla/ line 24. BEGIN failed–compilation aborted at Bugzilla/ line 24. Compilation failed in require at Bugzilla/ line 21. BEGIN failed–compilation aborted at Bugzilla/ line 21. Compilation failed in require at line 23. BEGIN failed–compilation aborted at line 23. Compilation failed in require at C:/bugzilla/index.cgi line 15. BEGIN failed–compilation aborted at C:/bugzilla/index.cgi line 15.

Hi @sgarg21!

I’m glad that we got one issue sorted out!

You probably need to add Date::Format to your build. You can find the full list of Perl modules that Bugzilla requires at