Perl State Will Not Activate

When I attempted to activate my state this morning I got the following response.
What is strange is I was able to activate it yesterday without any issues and as far as I know nothing has changed between yesterday and today.
I did try the state -auth (I think that is the command) and everything appeared to work and I still wasn’t able to the state to activate.
Any idea?

You currently are running this command (state activate) in the root directory (C) and may have previously run it in another directory, which is where you will continue to need to use it.

To see where it was installed run “state projects” and then navigate to that directory and run state activate there.

You can also check out the “state use” command to make it runable from anywhere in system Command Reference :: ActiveState Platform Documentation

Thanks for the information. Do I change to the “Local Checkout” or “Executables” directory.?

To activate your project with

state activate

go to the project folder (directory) containing the activestate.yaml file for the project. The default location, if you did not use ‘state checkout’ with a different location specified, would be C:\Users\<your computer username>\Perl-5.36.0-Windows, and then enter the ‘state activate’ command.

As NicoleSchwartz has said, use ‘state projects’ to show where your project folders are, then navigate to the one for the project you want to activate.

Alternatively use

state activate <username_or_org_name>/<project_name>

which in your case (I think) is

state activate blackwolf05/Perl-5.36.0-Windows

to specify the project you want to activate.


Thanks for the information.