Install of Perl successful, but when I try to use state activate 'name', comes back with state is unknown command

I just built the latest version 36 of Perl. It installed correctly, no errors. The command ‘state activate ’ worked.

So I exit the environment and terminal app. Click on terminal, then enter command

state activate --default WagsWorld/Perl-5.36.0-Mac

It comes back with

zsh: command not found: state

I have loaded on another iMac, Perl 5.34 and use state activate with no problem.

Thoughts on what I missed in the initial install?

thanks for any info… Wags :wink:

On a Mac, the activation should alter some or all of these files:

  • ZSH: ~/.zshrc
  • Bash: ~/.bashrc
  • Fish: ~/.config/fish/
  • tcsh: ~/.tcshrc

It should make comments for START ACTIVESTATE and STOP ACTIVESTATE with the following environment change:

export PATH="/Users/user/.local/ActiveState/StateTool/release:$PATH"

Check your .zshrc file to see if it was successfully modified. If not, Zsh won’t be able to find the state tool. If it hasn’t been modified, .zshrc may be write protected (which should really have some other symptoms besides this one). You should be able to manually fix .zshrc. Alternately, finding which files from the list have been altered might reveal if a different shell was detected when you ran the activation.